• COMP1511 20T2

    Posted by Tom Kunc Sunday 24 May 2020, 12:32:43 PM.

    This is the course page for COMP1511's 20T1 offering.

    The web page for COMP1511 20T2 is located at:

  • COMP1511 Results are available (for most students)

    Posted by Marc Chee Thursday 21 May 2020, 10:20:26 PM.

    Hi COMP1511!

    This is most likely the final notice that will go out via this page. As you may know already, your official marks have been released by UNSW and should be visible to you now via myUNSW.

    If you would like a little more detail, we also have information via the same system we've been using to view marks as the term progressed: View Autotests/Submissions/Marking . As this is a Pass/Fail term, we are not able to give you a final tallied number mark, but we can at least give you feedback on the level of success you had with the Final Exam and the hurdles.

    If you have any kind of variation in your mark, like it is currently witheld or has the code "LE" for Late Entry, your marks have not been finalised yet and you will be receiving an email in the next day or so explaining the situation.

    If you have any queries about marks, you can email and we'll do our best to respond in between preparing COMP1511 for another cohort in just over a week.

    It's been an epic ride this term . . . I've never seen a more disrupted term of teaching and hope to never see one like it again. Thank you all for continuing your studies even though I'm sure conditions weren't ideal for most of us. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do from here and hope to see you around campus whenever we get back there!

    Marc Chee (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching staff)

    PS: Chicken meowed at you, but she still doesn't know what all the fuss is about.

  • Assignment 2 Draft Automarking Released

    Posted by Tom Kunc Thursday 07 May 2020, 08:52:10 PM.

    Hi COMP1511!

    Firstly, we on the COMP1511 Teaching Staff want to congratulate you on finishing the final exam and the content for COMP1511. We've had a unique term together, and we hope you've enjoyed yourselves and grown as programmers, despite the unusual circumstances.


    Assignment 2 Draft Automarking Results Have Been Released

    You can now access your Assignment 2 automarking results via the "View Autotests/Submissions/Marking" link in the menu bar on WebCMS. If there are any issues with the automarking, you can contact your tutor and lab demonstrator via their email addresses (which you can find in the Timetable section). As the first pass is automated, there might be issues that we won't see initially, so it's worth checking (and also interesting to see how you fared in the initial testing).

    Your tutors will be starting to mark your submissions by hand over the next few days. This will give you feedback on the code style and readability of the assignment , so that when it's marked, you will have special comments through your assignment pointing out potential style issues or giving advice on what you can do to help write your code cleanly. Be sure to check back on your submission in the next week or so and if it has been marked, there will also be some written feedback that might prove useful.

    More information about our process of exam marking & releasing results will be posted later in the exam period.

    All the best for any other exams you may have coming, and we wish you a restful holiday,

    ~Tom (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Staff)

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