They are not compulsory but use them to prepare your labs or for additional help outside the scope of your lab e.g. setting up your laptop for home computing. There will be additional help sessions and tutors during assignment periods.

For the rest of this term, we are going to run remote virtual help sessions.

You can interact with a tutor over Blackboard Collaborate , where you can share your screen; show your code; and if required, also conduct audio conversations. However, we prefer you use chat as far as possible and provide all the required information at the start when you submit your request.

To learn how to use Blackboard Collaborate, please read the information on the following link:

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (how to use)

There are three steps , first join Help Session on Blackboard Collaborate , later login your request on Hopper, and now wait for your turn!

(1) Join Help Session on Blackboard Collaborate

Before the help session begins,

  • go to the Moodle page for COMP1511 (20T1) ,
  • click on Blackboard Collaborate link,
  • go to the session named - " Help Session " (this link may not be available until the listed help session start time)
  • wait for your tutor to invite you to his/her virtual room, when your turn comes (read below for more details)

(2) Login your request on Hopper

To join the queue, go to during the Help Sessions. At the listed help session start time, a room for COMP1511 help sessions will appear. You will need to choose this room, and enter your zID and zPass.

You will be asked to enter a:

  • Subject Line – brief one line description (like the subject of an email)
  • Description – please describe your problem as fully as possible here (as much detail as you can put!)

There is also a chat functionality you can use, but this is only to co-ordinate getting in touch via Blackboard. It will not be seen until you are at the front of the queue.

Please fill the form as fully as possible, and then keep an eye on your place in the queue, which will be automatically refreshed .

(3) Wait for your turn!

Keep an eye on your Blackboard Collaborator window. When a tutor is ready to see you,

  • you will receive an invitation in chat of the the " main room " and
  • your tutor will move you to his/her virtual room for consultation.
Day Time Weeks Place Tutors
Monday 11am - 1pm assign1 - 5,6,7
assign2 - 10,11
Blackboard Collaborate +++ Karl, +++ Michael, + MichaelG
Tuesday 6pm - 8pm 2-10 Blackboard Collaborate Dean, +++ Sabine,
++ Alli, ++ Alvin, + MichaelG
Wednesday 6pm - 8pm assign1 - 4,5,6
assign2 - 8,9,10
Blackboard Collaborate +++ Harrison, +++ Sabine,
++ Alli, ++ Dean, ++ Karl
Thursday 6pm - 8pm assign1 - 4,5,6
assign2 - 8,9,10
Blackboard Collaborate +++ Dean, +++ Sabrina, +++ Tanya
++ Alvin, ++ Bridget, + MichaelG
Friday 1pm - 3pm 2-7,9-10 Blackboard Collaborate Alvin, +++ Tammy,
++ Clarissa, ++ Selina
Friday 3pm - 5pm assign1 - 4,5,6
assign2 - 9,10
Blackboard Collaborate +++ Anosua, +++ Bridget,
+++ Evangeline, +++ Tom, ++ Dean
+ Clarissa, + Selina

Summary of Sessions by Week

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4 - 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 1pm - 3pm
3pm - 5pm
5 11am - 1pm 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 1pm - 3pm
3pm - 5pm
6 11am - 1pm 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 1pm - 3pm
3pm - 5pm
7 11am - 1pm 6pm - 8pm - - 1pm - 3pm
8 - 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm -
9 - 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 1pm - 3pm
3pm - 5pm
10 11am - 1pm 6pm - 8pm
6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 1pm - 3pm
3pm - 5pm
11 11am - 1pm - - - -

++Resource - Additional room or tutor during assignment period

BYOD - Bring your laptop, no computers in the room

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Campus Map

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