• COMP1521 19T3

    Posted by Jashank Jeremy Monday 16 September 2019, 08:39:04 PM.

    The web page for COMP1521 19T3 is located at:

  • Provisional marks are out

    Posted by Salil Kanhere Thursday 05 September 2019, 03:29:24 PM, last modified Thursday 05 September 2019, 03:32:32 PM.

    The scaled final exam marks and provisional final marks are now visible. Note that, (lab/blog) bonus marks (if any) have been accounted for. A shout out to the following students for making the honour roll.

    Zac Kologlu 100 (JEEZ !!)

    Bryan Hutagalung 99

    Arkie Owen 99

    Michael Ellis 98

    Benjamin Sho 98

    A special shout out to all tutors for being so patient and helpful. A super special shout out to Jashank for basically being the engine room for this course.

    I hope that you found the course to be useful. It was a pleasure to teach it. Good luck with Term 3 (sigh, it starts in just 10 days !!).

  • Final Exam Announcements

    Posted by Salil Kanhere Tuesday 20 August 2019, 01:21:15 PM, last modified Tuesday 20 August 2019, 01:26:13 PM.

    A reminder that the final exam will be held on Thursday, 22nd August in two sessions. You can find your session and seating allocation here . Please double check and make sure you go to the correct room.

    Some information about what is and isn't available in the exam environment.

    • Python is not available in the exam environment
    • dcc is not available in the exam environment
    • you may not bring calculators (use bc or xcalc )
    • you do not have access to the COMP1521 web site
    • you may not use your mobile phone or even have it on your desk

    What is available (during the entire duration of the exam)

    • C and MIPS reference material
    • Unix man pages
    • and, of course, spim , qtspim , gcc , gdb
    • text editors : gedit, vim, nano, emacs
    • xterminals (you can make as many as you like)
    • check , exe and submit

    What you should bring

    • a pen or pencil
    • your student card

    Good luck everyone !! May the force be with you.

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