• Results

    Posted by John Shepherd Tuesday 01 December 2015, 10:47:30 AM, last modified Sunday 06 December 2015, 05:50:17 PM.

    The results will be released on Friday.

    If you're eligible for a Supp Exam, you'll be receiving email from me today. If you don't receive email, then you either have a clear pass or a clear fail. The Supp Exam is on Wednesday 9th December at 8.45am (reading time), then 9-12 (working time). If you are offered a Supp and don't attend, then you get as your final mark whatever you've accumulated so far.

    I am very busy this week (preparing accreditation material so that your degrees will remain as accredited Engineering degrees, and doing the Supps). If you have marks queries, ask me after December 14.

  • Exam Arrangements

    Posted by John Shepherd Wednesday 04 November 2015, 06:49:10 AM, last modified Wednesday 04 November 2015, 06:52:12 AM.

    Exam "seating" information is now available. If you're in the morning session, you'll have a lab and seat in that lab. If you're in the afternoon session, you'll have an assembly room (aka "holding room"); you'll be given your lab/seat in your assembly room. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time (i.e. leave home early on the day of the exam).

    Let me (jas@cse) know ASAP if you sent me a preference and were not allocated to your preferred session.

  • Assignment Coasting

    Posted by John Shepherd Thursday 29 October 2015, 01:20:39 PM.

    To all those students who made no/minimal contribution to their team's efforts on Assignment 2 ... once I return from the US, I will be in touch asking for an explanation. An unsatisfactory explanation means that some/all of your marks for the Assignment will be taken and given to the people who actually did the work.

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