• myExperience

    Posted by Claude Sammut Thursday 27 October 2016, 03:34:20 AM.

    All CSE lecturers are being asked to encourage students to do the myExperience survey for each of their subjects. Therefore, I encourage you to complete the survey :-)

  • Visiting academic using 510N

    Posted by Timothy Wiley Wednesday 07 September 2016, 11:51:47 AM.

    We currently have a visiting academic who is using the office 510N for 1 week. If your group was using equipment from the office you will still be able to get to it, but please knock first. If your group is using the desktop machine, please ask before using the machine, limit the number of group members using the office space and please be courteous. Otherwise the office is not available for use until after Wednesday next week (14th October).

  • Project Groups

    Posted by Timothy Wiley Thursday 25 August 2016, 03:23:04 PM.

    Can everyone please add their project groups on the " Project Groups " page.

    Please use this page to update what your group is working on, and progress you have made as you work on the project. This will help Claude and myself see how all of the projects are progressing.

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