• Friday 21 July, 12:00–14:00 — Tutor Training Session

    Posted by Jashank Jeremy Friday 21 July 2017, 12:39:45 AM.

    from Andrew Taylor:

    A training session for tutors will be held 12:00–14:00 Friday 21 July in CivilEng 101.

    If you have not attended such a session, e.g. you are a first-time tutor, it is important that you attend this session. We understand this is week 0 so some of you will have work or other immovable commitments or not yet be in Sydney, but please attend if at all possible.

    If you have previously attended a training session, you may like to attend the start of the session and complete the paperwork necessary to be employed.

    I am also hoping some experienced tutors will attend the entire session to share their experience and expertise with new tutors.

    If you are a new tutor, don't panic; we'll go through the paperwork on Friday, but note you need bank account details and your tax file number (if you have one).

    You can view your current allocation at . The CGI script requires a zID/zPass; if you don't have one, contact the relevant lecturer to discover your allocation.

    The lecturer of your course will arrange timetabling if they have not already. You should contact them ASAP if you need more information or you don't wish to take on the work allocated. Also talk to them if you are uncertain of the nature of the duties.

  • Welcome, CSE Tutors!

    Posted by Jashank Jeremy Friday 21 July 2017, 12:36:37 AM.

    Welcome! This "course" on WebCMS 3 is available for CSE tutors, and collects up not only technical details of how to tutor at CSE, but also useful resources on how to teach effectively.

    As the session continues, we'll have more resources becoming available, and we'd love you to contribute your thoughts or insights. Resources we develop here will roll forward, so future tutors have more supporting material.

    See you all at the tutor training tomorrow!

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